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Carbon Products By Mega Carbon Products Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh

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Mega Carbon Products Private Limited was established in the year 1976, is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of Auto Carbon Brushes, Industrial Carbon Brushes, Brush Holders, Sliprings, Carbon (bushes & Seals) and Carbon Vanes (blades) for vacuum Pumps and other products . We help & ensure that our costumers AVOID constant Breakdown & Damage of their precious and costly machinery, production losses & constant headaches, Originating due to the use of spurious and cheap carbon brushes, holders & sliprings & we advice that for longer life of their machinery ,they should use only our best quality carbon brushes & other items made out of best available material (Imported as well as Indian ) being used by all O.E.M.'s fabricated by engineers having 38 years experience with utmost care & accuracy with the help of original drawings and ISI specifications.
Carbon Products Manufacturer